Physiotherapy at Home


In-clinic physiotherapy is a great form of treatment for many different conditions and for people in many different situations, but it is not ideal for everyone.  Sometimes the best treatment for you is within the friendly confines of your own home.  


One reason many choose home physiotherapy treatment is a difficulty with getting and organizing transportation to and from your physiotherapy appointments.  If you are a senior living on your own without access to a car, or without familiy nearby to help, it can be very difficult to attend physiotherapy appointments in-clinic.  Physiotherapy at home allows you to enjoy all the benefits of in-clinic treatment, in the comfor of your own home, and without the hastle of organizing transportation to and from appointments.


Another reason you may choose home physiotherapy is that the condition you wish to have treated significantly limits your mobility, and makes attending in-clinic treatments tricky.  Whether you are recovering from a stroke, have just had a total knee replacement, or have recently had a hip fracture; it can be difficult just to get out of bed let alone make it to a physiotherapy appointment.  Physiotherapy at home allows you to receive treatment in those initial stages and help your progress to the point where in-clinic treatments are more appropriate.


Finally, a major reason why many choose home physiotherapy is that their primary issue is coping within their home.  Many seniors reach a point where they begin to have difficulty coping within their home, and require some advice/modification/specific exercise to improve their ability to perform their daily tasks.  What better place to address these issues than at home?  Physiotherapy at home allows the physiotherapist to see exactly what your set up is, develop a program suited perfectly to your situation, and provide advice/modifications on site.


Physiotherapy at home is available to the people of Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Mahone Bay and surrounding areas.